I AM ..COMPLETE - Body / Space / Face Mists 6 x 100ml

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Enjoy the whole PlantPotions Body / Space / Face Spray experience. A complementary collection of essential oil based gemstone infused goodness that can be used to enhance your mood / vibe / needs throughout your day and night. Use I AM VIBRANT to perk your morning - keep I AM ROSY in the bathroom for your skincare ritual - store I AM YOGA in your yoga mat bag or by your computer for mental bliss - use I AM EARTH for moments of centering - have I AM CALM in your handbag or by your bed for instant stress relief and sweet dreams and keep I AM LOVE close to your heart for constant reminders of how beautiful you are!

Please refer to collection for individual potion ingredients. Caution is recommended for use during pregnancy and with children. Do not ingest, for external use only.