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Essential Oil Diffusers Made in NZ

Experience a mellow and non-synthetic aroma in your personal space with our gorgeous essential oil diffusers. Made in NZ with the utmost precision, care, and intention, every one of our aromatherapy diffusers has been hand-crafted, meaning no two are alike. 

Unique, Plant-Based, and Ethically Conscious

Looking for a toxic, synthetic, and cruelty-free room diffuser? Plant Potions refuses to use solvent-based diffuser liquids.

So what are our diffusers made from?

Our botanical scent diffusers are made using infused, hand-selected dried botanicals and ethically sourced crystals. Each set comes with a vial of one of our five Essential Oil Blends to refresh the mellow aroma as and when you feel.

What Our Customers Say…

Plant Potions is power for the people! We design unique products just for you. We ship our essential oil diffusers all across NZ and have received sparkling reviews from many customers who have been enriched by creating simple, daily scent rituals.


Christine on Apr 22, 2022

"This beautiful, unique ensemble is unrivaled. The piece is a gorgeous addition to our place with the thoughtfully crafted and arranged plants and delicious scent; a warm and very pleasant smell that I’m sure I’ll get lots of compliments on from visitors. The best part is that it’s made by a gorgeous local and is evident she pours heart and soul into these adorable pieces."

So unique!

Tasha on Nov 19, 2021

"I love this diffuser - what a beautiful idea. I can’t stand strong smells so this is perfect for me - no sneezing and I love the botanicals - thanks!"

Ātaahua and inspiring

Victoria on Mar 22, 2022

“The tubes are totally stuffed with ātaahua botanicals and crystals. They're so gorgeous to look and and smell. They come with a little essential oil bottle to refresh the scent which I've done a few times now. Totally recommend!”