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Face and Body Mist Spray

Reconnect and rejoice with our full-bodied, refreshing mists. This collection of Bespoke Blends is created entirely from plant-based ingredients and is the perfect way to enliven your room and pillow and as a body mist spray.

Designed With Love and Intention

We love a beautiful body mist; our NZ-based brand first launched exclusively with this range in 2018. Our mists have been thoughtfully designed with the chakras in mind to inspire harmony in the body, mind, and spirit. Each bottle of body/face spray mist contains lunar-charged crystals designed to boost the energy behind every blend. Our crystals are ethically sourced, and we perform a sound-clearing technique during production to ensure a pure vibration.

Choosing Your Body-Space Mist

Our Body-Space Mists are available in 5 Bespoke Blends, each with its own unique properties. To help you choose the perfect mist for your self-care ritual, we have curated our simple buyer’s guide.


This scent can help to calm your nervous system and reduce feelings of stress. Use as a room spray to enhance relaxation, or mist a little on your pillow to soften and soothe sleep issues.

  • Aroma: Roman chamomile flowers with a depth of organic lavender mist
  • Scent: Gender-neutral
  • Crystals: Contains aquamarine to rejuvenate your energy and soothe your mind


Find inner strength and ground yourself in moments of instability with this body-space mist. Use as a body mist or spray around the room to inspire a connection with the natural world around you.

  • Aroma: Sandalwood and warm spice of cinnamon bark with black pepper and a pinch of sweet orange
  • Scent: Gender-neutral
  • Crystals: Contains smoky quartz to help you connect to your roots 


Lead with the heart with our I AM LOVE Body-Space Mist. Use as a heart-warming room spray or lightly spritz on your pillow before sleep to inspire soothing dreams.

  • Aroma: Rose and vanilla mist and a finishing caress of lavender flowers
  • Scent: Feminine
  • Crystals: Contains rose quartz to promote feelings of unconditional love, both for yourself and others


Invigorate the senses with this lively and refreshing Body-Space Mist. Use in the morning as an energising room spray or bathroom mist to help you feel revitalised and ready to take on the day.

  • Aroma: Grapefruit and buoyant Bergamot with finishing notes of lime
  • Scent: Gender-neutral
  • Crystals: Contains citrine to help you manifest positivity, abundance, and inner confidence

I AM YOGA Body-Space Mist 80ml

Clear your mind and release any tension with this calming, atmospheric Body-Space Mist. Use as a body spray or disperse it around the room to help settle your mind before meditating.

    • Aroma: Frankincense with a fresh hit of vetiver, galangal, and Peru balsam
    • Scent: Gender-neutral
    • Crystals: Contains clear quartz to free your mind and help you on your spiritual journey