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Award-Winning Pulse Points Essential Oils

Plant Potions won Best Lifestyle Aromatherapy 2022 for our I AM CALM  Pulse Points essential oils. Infused with crystals, our natural perfume oils offer several therapeutic benefits and will make you smell simply amazing too! Shop the Pulse Point Oil sets n.o.3 and n.o5, or buy each scent individually.

Pulse Points Essential Oils: Deep Inhalation

Each easy application is a moment of me time to inspire the senses:

  • 100% plant-based perfume oil — free from nasties, synthetics and cruelty.
  • Blended with a carrier base of organic jojoba oil and vitamin E — so good for the skin!
  • Tiny lunar-charged crystals inside the bottle to re-blend the essence. Even the roller mechanism is pure crystal for pure luxury.
  • Refills are available for each individual product.

Made on Waiheke Island, NZ, from the very best aromatherapy oils, our pure and natural essential oils have full traceability and are mostly organic. Pulse Points Oils products are presented in a handy roller bottle and bespoke reusable pouch. Our Pulse Points Essential Oils are hard to choose from, so why not get the full set?


Inhale - Pause - Exhale - Smile

At Plant Potions, we understand the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our Pulse Point Oils are daily reminders to breathe deep and smile wide


If you’re someone who finds it difficult to wind down, our Pulse Points Essential Oils are a must-have. Our I AM YOGA product, in particular, has been designed to help clear the mind, helping you relax and find inner peace.


Our award-winning Pulse Points products allow you to get back in touch with Mother Nature. Reconnecting your spirit with the Earth, Pulse Points Essential Oils encourage grounding and the recentering of your nervous system.


It’s easy to get caught up in taking care of the people you care about, but when you use our Pulse points products, you’ll be looking after yourself too! All about self-care, these extraordinary products promote well-being and inner healing.


Fantastic to use when meditating, our Pulse Points Essential Oils inspire positive energy, reminding you of your own strength and power.

Applying Your Pulse Points

Each of our Pulse Point oils contain a unique blend of ingredients mixed with a safe carrier oil to make it easier for your skin to absorb the product. The entire range has been designed with the chakras in mind to help you find balance. Simply apply the oil directly to your pulse points located at the wrist and neck. After application, inhale the aroma deeply and allow your intuition to guide you.